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I’m debating renovating this blog to virtually start anew.

I’ve actually seen the first episode now, and while 90% of the “Ezekiel” tag happens to be people freaking out about trusting the character, I’m surprised by the similarities between SPN canon Zeke and my Zeke. Aside from the Angel of Death and Transformation thing, I think I was fairly close (not counting the loving a demon thing). There would have to be a few changes on the whole, but I think I can sorta work with the personality still.

I don’t know. Maybe. I’ll get more into the idea next week, when I can see the second episode. I’ll have to wait for it to get on the CW site, but then I’ll work on it.

I haven’t even seen the premier and now I know about the newest angel.

Allow me to be highly amused before I take my leave again, permanently.


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Ezekiel smiled at his phone, glad their messaging had gone well and not been ruined by his technological ineptitude. He was often amazed at how well he could work kitchen appliances—a step like texting without incident was large indeed.

Only a few minutes later, he glanced up to see Turiel approaching, waving and winded at the very least. On his feet, he frowned slightly, worried. “Are you all right? You… you didn’t have to run, you know,” he said carefully, assuming it was the case. The Archangel stepped forward, setting a hand lightly on the taller man’s arm. “Sit, dear,” he murmured, urging him to the edge of the fountain. “We have time,” Zeke assured him with a fond smile.

He almost fell back onto the fountains edge, clutching the bottle of water tight in his hand. It felt like his heart was going to beat right out of his chest. He might have overworked himself but this was also a sign he might need to work out a little more. Maybe jog around the block he and Priestly lived on. 

Swallowing hard he gave the other a slightly weak smile. “I know…I didn’t want to be late though. Would have been rude of me to make you wait…” licking his lips slowly he takes a deep breath, trying to relax himself. Especially the pulse thrumming through him. Closing his eyes he tilted his head back for a moment before opening the bottle and taking a long drink. 

Being human again sucked. Especially after he was so used to being an angel. Comfortable with his power.

Reflexively, Zeke shot a hand out to catch Turiel’s sleeve at his clumsy stumbling. Poor thing. Something was obviously different. He must inquire further, and soon. “Are you alright?” he asked to be sure.

"I wouldn’t have minded," he murmured reassuringly, smiling warmly. "I’m terribly patient. It comes with… well, you’d know," he reminded him sheepishly. He watched his brother down the water from the bottle, frowning thoughtfully before it hit him.


"Ah—Turiel. Your aura’s gone," he blurted.

OOC Announcement


Sorry about my absence, everyone. Once again, my muses have been either inconsistent, or on unpaid leave, taking a holiday without my damned permission.

I’m not abandoning anyone, nor any blog.

I’ll be back when I can, lovelies. Thank you for sticking with my boys.



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You’re going to make me feel old and I’ve barely been legal for two years

*licks* I hope you’re doing well, lovely, it’s been so long since I’ve harassed you super awkwardly.